Where are you at on your timeline? It is hard to not compare yourself to other people in your life. It is hard to not want what they have. I am super guilty of this issue, and have really been trying to pull myself back when I find myself comparing myself to my friends or someone else on social media. I am guilty of saying, “well why did they get that? I deserve that over them!” Which is not true at all. Just because I wanted something for so long, does not mean that someone else didn’t want it just as much, or deserve for it to happen to them.

I am also guilty of comparing my life to my sister’s live. By age 25 she got her career, by 28 she was married, by 30 she had a baby. I find myself saying well, by 26 I had my career, I am currently 28 and don’t even have a steady guy in my life. In fact I am not even currently dating. Which means for me to have a child by age 30, my whole life would have to be turned upside down and I would have to find a guy by like, tomorrow.

For now all I know is that I have no idea where the heck my guy is, but I know I will not be meeting him while I am staying home on Saturday nights. The hard part is my timeline doesn’t match up with my best friend’s, so they are all taken and cannot go out on the town with me.

I do not think I am alone in this though, this issue of comparing my life to someone else. I feel like it is a common occurrence, and I feel this way because I’ve asked two of my best friends, and a pastor did a whole sermon on it once in church.

All I know is my timeline, does not match up with one I created for myself when I was younger, and it will never match up with anyone else. I have my very own special timeline, and it will all fall into place when it is supposed to. I have finally come to accept that my timeline is different, and that maybe it is really okay because I don’t think I am ready to find my guy yet.


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